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Michel Oren Seminar 1990 Light as Truth": An Electronic/Art Historical "Pocket" of the 1960’s - Pulsa


“Light as Truth": An Electronic/Art Historical ‘Pocket’ of the 1960’s,” text of a seminar talk on the Pulsa Group by Michel Oren at the School of Art, East Carolina University, January 5, 1990. Oren describes USCO and Pulsa, contemporaneous collaborative groups of artists/engineers who used technology in the late l960’s and early 1970’s to make installation works intended to enhance viewers’ awareness. The section on Pulsa narrates the origins and development of the group and outlines its principal aspirations and works through quotes from Pulsa members and the group’s principal supporters, Jack Tworkov, Lucy Lippard, and Jack Burnham. (The images that Oren used to illustrate this talk may be found at in the file entitled “Pulsa Images.) The members of Pulsa are Michael Cain, Patrick Clancy, William Crosby, William Duesing, Paul Fuge, Peter Kindlmann, and David Rumsey.

Language English
Collection opensource


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